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Web design is both an art and a science. The goal is to create a great looking website while still making sure that website visitors can find the information they are looking for. Working with you to understand your target audience, I can create a web design that will accomplish both of these goals.

Web Design: The Process

I believe in creating websites that are effective, not ones that just look pretty. There is no point to an overly designed website if a user can’t find some simple contact information anywhere. A professional design mixed with user-centered goals is the main focus as I design and develop your new website. The real way to measure a website is not by its design awards (which are nice) but by it’s effectiveness in helping a business grow.

Your Company, Your Website

As I work on your website, I always keep in mind that this is your website, not ours. I want it to be something you are absolutely proud of and show off to all your colleagues. You will get my professional opinion and expertise, but never an ego that will only do what I want to do, honestly!

Getting the Project Details

The most efficient way for me to get a website done is to understand who you are. Every project begins with a thorough discussion about every detail of your project from design to functionality. There is no wasted time on coming up with random design comps that are nowhere near what you like because the initial consultation will give me a clear road map for what you are looking for.

Understanding the Audience

Who your website is intended for is a key factor in how it is designed. If you are targeting an older audience, larger fonts, simple graphics, and ease-of-use are some of the design elements we would incorporate. A flashy website with constantly moving objects confuses users who are trying to gather information about you and your business quickly. I aim to get a clear understanding of your targeted audience and put together a website that will give them what they want such as the all important contact information.

Having a Goal

Every website needs to serve a function beyond looking pretty. If you are selling products, you’re goal is to get users to purchase your items. If you are providing services, you’re goal is to get people to contact you. Designing a website that will help focus website visitors on reaching your individual goal is our goal.