EWD - Journal

A busy year for Egtvedt Web Design

Over the last year we have had more and more clients and projects. Even with a small marketing budget we have been very successful. In fact we have had so much work going that this Journal has been left more or less dead as we have been to busy keeping you up to date.

Parts of the work can be seen in our portfolio, but there’s also a lot more not shown. Those are either Intranet solutions, member only areas or print material. The latter is quite a challenge as this is an area of expertise we don’t exercise that much. But that makes it even more fun.

So what does the future bring?

We are already planning 2-3 new websites and are currently working on the details with the respective clients. All the clients already have a website but feel they would benefit from an update. Especially on the Costa del Sol many companies feel the impact of increased competition and a dropping demand. Naturally this generates the need to further push their marketing budget and change strategies. The Internet is one of this areas left unexploited, and is where I come in.

Besides creating web solutions EWD is also planning to release several new plugins and themes for WordPress. Being our CMS of choice these days it feels only natural to share some code with the users. Among the planned releases are our Comic strip add-on, the Accordion category/date menus and also the theme currently running this website.

Can I contribute?

We are glad you asked! Off course you can! By getting involved either by contributing articles about web development and design, or by interacting through commenting you are helping both this site and future development. We hope to make your acquaintance any day soon.