Gunn Finnby – 2008

The Challenge

Gunn Finnby is a fashion agent operating from Oslo Fashion House, Norway. She wanted an informative and clean looking website to showcase her products with links to all her manufacturers on-line.

As fashion trends shift frequently, the client also wanted to establish a long-term maintenance/support agreement to make sure the website always provide correct and updated information.

The Solution

Gunn Finnby

With only 1 page in total we created a simple Java/HTML solution as we saw no need for a database in this case. The page were constructed with a clear focus on the clients products/brands. Black & White and colourful photos created the impression we and the client were looking for.

With separate style sheets for screen and print you get “ink-saving” and prettier printouts. Furthermore, a standardized layout makes text and graphic changes possible even for the novice computer user.

New collections are coming up and the website is soon up for an update. The client is also currently planning a second website to cover her second business as a corporate advisor. Watch the Journal for more news on these subjects.