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Running on WordPress 2.5 RC1

Just a few hours ago I discovered that the first release candidate for WordPress 2.5 is out. As with any other major upgrade I just couldn’t let it pass and as you read this you are also reading a blog/website running on WordPress 2.5.

In case you wonder most the plugins I’ve used are still working. Below is a list of all plugins used on this site, and besides one they’re all compatible with the new release. Strangely enough it’s the Popularity Contest plugin by Alex King that doesn’t seam to work. I’ve left a comment announcing this, and with any luck (and if he’s not to busy) an update will be available shortly.

Update: I’ve found a temporary fix for the Popularity Contest plugin, see my main blog for a solution.

WP 2.5 Compatible Plugins

I must admit I haven’t been able to run the testing for more than an hour, so there might be a few incompatibilities still not discovered. Feel free to share your findings, and also let me know how you experience the speed and overall “look n’ feel” of the site.

As a final side note I must give credit to the outstanding WordPress developers for providing yet another great update. The admin panel, long left in the shade (design wise), is now looking extremely nice and works great. I’ve already gotten used to the new layout and won’t miss the previous one bit. Thank you!

Update (31st March): Moving from RC1 to the first official 2.5 release took around 5-10 minutes, including FTP, and caused no issues at all. More information on the latest release are found here, and the download here (as usual).

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